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H.K. & Kowloon Electrical Engineering & Appliance Trade Workers Union

Hiking Activity Notice

Anyone who enrolls to participate in this activity is regarded as clearly understood and agreed the following rules and regulations.

Anyone who participates in this activity is just a travel-mate of the others, but not a member of a tour group. There are no tour leaders, principals or assistants. Offering help to others is solely personal behavior and do not necessarily represent any other people. There is no any organizer, and there is no insurance for the participants. We accept no legal or compensation liability for any damage or loss caused in this activity. The participants should bear all the risk and consequence if an accident occurs.    

The person who invites you to this activity should not be the organize or responsible for your safety, please take care of yourself. The expenses should be shared equally by every participants or paid by the fund raised by all participants. It depends on the nature of the activity. The participants do not have the rights to decide which one should be applied.

There is no need to be responsible if you want to leave earlier, just give a notice to whom invite you or other participants. If you don’t want to come or you are late, you may not tell other participants as well. Again, there are no assistants or babysitting services. Please do not participate in this activity if you are not feeling well or unable to act easily. People who like being served, shopping, or who move too slowly while photograph during the journey are not suitable for this activity. Dangerous act, including endangering your own safety or the safety of others, is not allowed. Please wear suitable clothing and bring your own belongings, including enough water and food, sun block, sun hats, towels, anti-mosquito lotion, hiking boots, hiking sticks and so on, which depends on your personal preference. Please remember don’t put yourself to hard, just act according to your own ability. Beware of thieves and prevent hill fire.

This Notice has been translated into English. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.


I hereby confirm that

I myself voluntarily participate in the hiking activity held by H.K. & Kowloon Electrical Engineering & Appliance Trade Workers Union. I understand comprehensively the detailed route of this activity and that hiking is strength consumption. To the best or my knowledge and belief, I am in good health condition, and have no severe heart disease or any other disease in ankle or knees. I am willing to sign this agreement.